LETTER- Deeds forgets his humanity

Back in May 2004, Creigh Deeds condemned Republican legislators for a "mean-spirited and unnecessary" bill banning gay marriage and legal contracts between unmarried partners. He also went on to say about those same legislators: "They want to get into your bedroom and tell you what to do and what not to do. Gay rights becomes the whipping boy."

Now, almost two years later, he has voted for a referendum to amend the state constitution to ban not only gay marriage but potentially legal contracts between unmarried heterosexual partners as well ["4Better or Worse," January 19, "Worst Constitutional tampering"].

I suppose after his loss for Attorney General, Deeds, bat firmly in hand, believes getting in line to take his turn at the whipping boy will help him in future elections.

Back in 2004, Deeds stated, "I tried to look at the bill as a lawyer." It's too bad that in 2006 he forgot to look at it as a human being.

Clayton Kinnelon Greiman