MYRIDE- Sheela Narayanan: 1985 Ford Taurus

Though fourth-year UVA student Sheela Narayanan has had her 1985 Ford Taurus for just under a month, she already feels an attachment to her ride.

"It's just like me, I guess," Narayanan says, "a little dinged up, and the antenna's bent in five places. But it's comfortable, and everything still works!"

Narayanan graduates in May, but this is her first semester with a car in Charlottesville.

"My parents wouldn't let me have one before, so this car is really a kind of personal victory for me," she says. "It's always nice to have a car in general, and having it now makes my last semester that much better."

And much more memorable.

"I've already gotten into a bit of trouble with it," she admits. "Like getting three tickets– illegal U-turn, speeding, and broken headlight– all at once."


Sheela Narayanan