<P></B>Joyce L. Shifflett to Dawn D. Davis, 808 St. James Circle, no price given.
<P>Katherine T. Dove to Christine J. Ruotolo, 1436 Rugby Avenue, $255,000.
<P>Barbara L. Elias to William C. Duke and Kristin D. Link, 910 Druid Avenue, $210,000.
<P></B>Carl J. and Victoria M. Tremaglio to Trem Residentials LLC, parcels at 507 15th Street NW and on Gordon Avenue, no price given.
<P>Michele Mattioli and William F. Lankford to John G. Frazee and Cindy A. Cartwright, 1404 East Market Street, $359,900.
<P>Southern Properties LLC to Cheryl L. Lewis, unit in Burnet Commons, Burnet Street, $275,300.
<P>Belmont Loft Company LLC to Kenneth A. and Pamela L. Darney, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $386,800.
<P>PHS LLC to Jeremy O. Caplin, 216 Rosser Avenue, $50,000, and 218 Rosser Avenue, $75,000.
<P></B>Belmont Loft Company LLC to Brandon W. and Amy T. Brucker, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $198,000.
<P>Betty F. Strider, trustee, to Robert H., Charlotte, and Marta R. Ramsey, 404 Eighth Street NE, $460,750.
<P>Charles William Hurt and Shirley L. Fisher, trustees, to Southern Property LLC, 0.97 acres on Old Lynchburg Road, (four parcels in Cleveland Heights) $255,000.
<P>Belmont Loft Company LLC to John L. Lanham, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $296,400.
<P>Branch Banking and Trust Co., trustee, to Safi Enterprises LLC, 308 Ridge Street, $678,000.
<P>BRSII LLC to TDC LLC, 751 King Street, $154,250.
<P>Theresa Harris. Collison F. Royer, Robert J. Kroner, and Benjamin C. Raper to Midway Housing Development Corp., 1217 John Street, $193,500.
<P>Robert R. Matheson to Richard Crozier and Marjorie R. Balge, 624 Preston Place, $12,000.
<P>Ralph E. Main Jr. and Cyndra F. Kerley to Eric and Theresa M. Harris, 1419 Burgess Lane, $265,000.
<P>Southern Property LLC to Francesco and Meridith H. Benincasa, 114 Burnet Street, $263,600.
<P></B>Robin L. Haymore to Timothy D. House and Wendy L. Philleo, 337 Monticello Road, $360,000.
<P>Jose Cruz-Torres to Amy E. Radigan, 1209 Holmes Avenue, $172,500.
<P></B>Southland Homes Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, unit in Melbourne Park condominiums, Melbourne Park Drive, $239,500.
<P>Lynn R. Noland to Richard J. Armstrong, 2500 Plateau Road, $290,000.
<P>John M. Crafaik Jr. to 1815 JPA LLC, 1815 Jefferson Park Avenue, no price given.
<P></B>Amy Lynn Glines to Anna Rebecca Stinnette, 1022 Sheridan Avenue, $162,000.
<P>Thomas and Elizabeth Albro to Paul A. and Ana G. Chedda, 1605 Keith Valley Road, $290,000.
<P>Rebecca L. Gibson to Heather, Margaret E. and Alastair G. Morton, 108 Robertson Avenue, $290,000.
<P>Edward and Nellie R. Herrion to Catherine B. Runyon and Grier Murphy, 1342 Chesapeake Street, $169,999.
<P></B>Bradley S. Melton to Thomas J. Lynch II and Jocelyn B. Pace, 1403 Baker Street, $189,900.
<P>Gladys A. Barbour to City of Charlottesville, 221 Lankford Avenue, no price given.
<P>Joseph Larner to Neighborhood Investments LLC, 630 Cabell Avenue, $600,000.
<P>Thomas L. Musselman Jr. and M. Kent Ivey to Pamela Rose, 418 Riverside Avenue, $140,000.
<P>Patricia A. Whitton to Colleen A. and Walter E. Plitt IV, 108 Park Lane West, Fry's Spring, $242,500.
<P>Preston Blakey to Frederick S. Bryant, 722 Franklin Street, $100.
<P>Jessie T. Hook to Joshua Greenhoe and Christina M. Bove, trustees, 1203 Hilltop Road, $1,000,000.
<P>David E. and Jonathan M. Hall and Suzan H. Ismael to M. Gabrielle and Elizabeth G. Hall, three parcels in Greenbrier, $266,000.
<P>Amy L. Price to Thomas A. and Nancy G. Tuttle, 609 North Avenue, $205,000.
<P>Kevin A. and Marlena L. O'Brien and Ana Maria Chrysler to Amilia C. O'Brien, one-quarter interest in 119 Harmon Street, $25,000.
<P>Richard T. Spurzem to Sandbox LLC, three lots on Jefferson Park Avenue, Monte Vista subdivision, $166,800.
<P>B. Rydell Payne to Andrew V. and Cynthia C. Kean, 765 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $91,000.
<P></B>Wildan Properties LLC to Maggie R. Beights, 1203 Belleview Avenue, $223,153.
<P>Martin B. Cummings, executor, to Calvin K. and Darlene M. Cummings, 924 King Street, $121,900.
<P>Scott E. Jones and Mary L. Cassell to John Semmelhack and Amy Wissekerke, parcel in Riverview Cemetery, $67,000.
<P>Belmont Loft Company LLC to Juniee Oneida and Marguerite Campbell, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $280,000.
<P></B>Rita L. Naughton, trustee, to Colette E. Blount, 1523 Amherst Street, $229,000.
<P>Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Inc. to City of Charlottesville and County of Albemarle, parcel at the corner of East High Street and Fourth Street NE, no price given.
<P>Bevley F. and Carolyn B. Butler to Shelly W. and Bridget L. Moss, 2512 Naylor Street, $159,950.
<P>Jonathan Hall and Suzan H. Ismael to Louis P. Baron, 2617 Jefferson Park Circle, $282,500.
<P>Robert H. Downer Jr., trustee, to 632 Zulu LLC, 209 B Second Street NW, gift.
<P></B>Joseph and Frances W. Larner to Ryal L. Thomas, 824 and 826 Hinton Avenue, $390,000.
<P>Jonathan H. and Robyn J. Fink to Sharon Katz, 1704 E Market Street, $125,000.
<P></B>Daniel F. and Candace M. Wilkens to Francis A. and Mary G. Caruso, unit in Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, $110,000.
<P>Mark Mills and Alfred C. Saunders Jr. to FCC Investments LLC, parcel on 10-l/2 Street NW, $105,000.
<P>201 West Main Street LLC to Main Exchange LLC, 201-203 West Main Street, no price given.
<P>Ralph E. Main Jr. to JNA LLC, 1532 Broad Avenue, no price given.
<P>Carl E. Owens III to CCBW LLC, parcel on 10-l/2 Street NW, $115,000.
<P>Eure Communications Inc. to Saga Communications of Charlottesville, parcel on Rose Hill Drive, $944,100.
<P>Andrew S. Thomas and Kathleen L. Mueller to Nora Ali Gaffney, 1015 Druid Avenue, $184,100
<P>BobCat LLC to Norman Lamson, trustee, parcel at Jefferson Park Avenue and Washington Street and second parcel at 104 Observatory Avenue, $3,000,000.
<P></B>Estel G. Hampton to Katherine H. Berman, 508 Lexington Avenue, $193,000.
<P>Belmont Loft Company LLC to Peter Engelmann and Judith A. Zeitter, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $296,000.
<P>Richard T. Spurzem to Harold H. Saunders, 136 Goodman Street, $280,000.
<P></B>Southern Property LLC to Elizabeth Howard, 113 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $244,800.
<P>Elizabeth Howard to Patsy A. Minahan, 113 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $289,900.
<P>Elmer R. and Darlene F. Beach and Juan and Marina Ornelas to Kevin E. and Sarah J. Self, 215 Palatine Avenue, $179,900.
<P>Michele Jordan, trustee, to Timothy and Virginia P. Michel, unit 602 in Lewis and Clark Square, $302,500.
<P>Belmont Loft Company LLC to M. Victoria Gee and Claudia J. Garthwait, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $344,000.
<P>Jessie T. Hook to Joshua Greenhoe and Christina M. Bove, trustees, 1203 Hilltop Road, $1,000,000.