MUSIC REVIEW- Noir night: Drifting and dreaming at Gravity

<P><B>Dave's True Story<BR>at Gravity Lounge<BR>Sunday, May 1
<P>Wouldn't it be cool to have a place in town that was a bar, Internet café, music venue, bookstore, and library all rolled into one? You couldn't go wrong with that combination. A place like that would appeal to so many demographics: the cyber-geek, the alcoholic, the avid music watcher/listener, and a time-killing browser. Not to mention it would just be cool to walk into a place, check email, order a drink, pull up a seat next to a wall of books, and put your feet up for two hours listening to relaxing music.
<P>Oh, wait. What am I thinking? One place in town has all those bases covered, and it's where I found myself last Sunday, kicking back with a book and a decaf in a quiet little nook listening to the epitome of chill– my first paragraph fantasy come to life.
<P>The band performing was listed as a <I>noir </I>jazz ensemble. While I don't know exactly what that means, I can say that Dave's True Story definitely is a jazz ensemble. By the end of the night, I concluded that <I>noir</I> must be Latin for mellow. Who knows? Makes sense to me. Dave's True Story is a guitar, upright bass, and drums trio featuring a female vocalist, Kelly Flint.
<P>After the first set I really wanted to purchase the band's CD, but I realized there was no way I could own their music without buying a parlor with a mini-bar. At least that's the visual when I put my head back and really absorbed the group's sound.
<P>Dave's True Story is down-tempo lounge jazz with a lot of silk and sexiness. I imagined their songs as the soundtrack to one of those black and white detective movies with the first-person voice-over. You know– the kind where the dame with big breasts comes into the office with bigger problems. Eventually she suckers the sleuth...
<P>David Cantor (the band's eponymous guitarist) writes one hell of a melody. His tone has no blemishes, and his technique is beyond solid. One can't imagine his songs could ever be harsh to the ear.
<P>Flint perfectly intertwines with Dave's lazy fingers. Her vocals come across as quite inviting, and her subject matter ranges from the intellectual to the very sexual. Hard to dislike a woman like that.
<P>Dave's True Story played beautifully for the "small but mighty" crowd in attendance. I think they enjoyed the Gravity Lounge as much as I did. And because Gravity has early shows, I was home in time for the 11 o'clock news.
<P>What more could I ask for?
<P><B><img src="/images/issues/2005/0418/prowl-damani.jpg"><BR>Dave's True Story<</B>BR>PHOTO BY DAMANI HARRISON