LETTER- Kilgore's out for himself

<P>I read with interest the January 13, 2005, Essay, "Button, button: Kilgore's pushing our fears." Author Janis Jaquith is correct. I believe Jerry Kilgore doesn't care about humans, only himself, and he will do whatever it takes to put one more feather in his cap. He claims to be big time against Domestic Violence and Abuse. That's a joke.
<P>Ask him about Merry Pease, the lady from Wise County who was wrongfully convicted of the second-degree murder of her husband. She and her children suffered years of physical and emotional abuse. After Merry's husband shot her, she managed to escape. Then he committed suicide.
<P>Ask Jerry Kilgore how he helped Tim McAfee, the prosecutor in Wise County, who persecuted Merry Pease after her conviction was overturned. Ask him about this case being an ongoing one.
<P>Anyone interested in reading about Merry's case can visit her website at justiceformerry.com and can visit truthandjustice.com..
<P><B>Marlene Bush</B><BR>Exeter, VA