ABOUT- Font-tastic

In the creation of the new paper, every element of its content and design was evaluated. For the body copy, we chose a narrowed version of nine-point Hoefler Text. It offers sophistication without fussiness and ease of reading without blandness.

The font's creator, 31-year-old Jonathan Hoefler, designed it for Apple some 11 years ago. His fonts, according to Time, "stand out with the clarity, elegance, and durability of a well-cut diamond."

Headlines are the Univers font, a typeface in which tapering creates attractive and balanced letters. Adrian Frutiger, a Swiss graphic designer, typographer, and type designer, designed the Univers family of fonts in 1957. Thirty years later, he was awarded the TDC Medal, presented to those "who have made significant contributions to the life, art, and craft of typography."