Ten cent martinis at Keswick

Update 3/21: I guess it was just too good to be true.... it looks like the 10 cent martini deal is just for Keswick club members. While front desk personnel and bar staff told us it was open to the public, when we double-checked with director of operations Matthias N. Smith, he told us it was promotion "aimed discreetly at our club members- not designed for public knowledge."

However, the bar, the Blenheim tasting Room, For Love of Wine series and the Chef's amuse are open to the public, he says.


The folks at Keswick tell us that they're offering something you don't usually find in such a swanky setting–10 cent martinis on Thursdays! Now, before ya'll pile into the Wahooptie and head down 250 east, know that, yes, it's open to the general public, but it's only 10 cents for your first martini. All other drinks are full price. In addition, you'll have to get there between 5pm and 6pm. Still, being able to wind down after a busy day at such a fine place for only 10 cents...priceless.