JosÆ?© De Brito returns!

Hotcakes owner Keith Rosenfeld tells us that the infamous José De Brito (left), former chef-owner of the French-inspired bistro and food, cheese, and wine emporium, Ciboulette (now home to Orzo in the West Main Market), is back. The colorful Frenchman had a loyal following who braved his sometimes inelegant manner (that is, normal behavior in France) because they loved his food so much. In fact, Rosenfeld reminded us that De Brito devotees formed a group called Friends of Ciboulette in the last two years of the bistro's existence, with each member chipping in several hundred dollars to keep his business going. When we reported on Ciboulette closing, distraught foodies called the Hook to ask where De Brito had gone.

Well, now he's back and serving up dinner on Friday and Saturday nights at Hotcakes in the Barracks Road Shopping Center. Rosenfeld says that De Brito's reputation is such that folks from as far away as Washington, D.C. have already come by, including the general manager of the Inn at Little Washington.

"It's really high-end stuff," says Rosenfeld of De Brito's menu, which changes every week.

Here's this week's menu. Dinner is served from 5:45 to 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


Yes, we loved the food at Ciboulette - when we could get it. One time my husband ordered his favorite sweetbreads at lunch, but Jose said he was too busy to cook it, so tough luck, order something else.

wow pretty neat to find a new article on my dad, anyways thanks for the info