Monticello says watch yer car

The folks at TJ's house say that too many people are parking on the shoulders of Route 53 to use the swanky new park/parkway. So stop that!The nice people at Monticello say that they plan to build a whopper of a parking lot, so that might eventually ameliorate the problemo. By the way, The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. Did you know that sentence contains every letter in the alphabet. Vive la France. And did you know that Monticello has just finished renovating an old kitchen and an old stove. How's that for success!

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I park on the shoulders, along with a whole lot of other people. If the worry warts at Monticello feel that it is that dangerous than they ought to bring in a few loads of gravel and create some additional spaces right away. On a nice day there may be twenty or more cars parked on the shoulders of 53. Did you know that the quick brown fox can't jump over the lazy dogs on the boardwalk portion of the trail 'cuz rover ain't permitted to roam there?