Apprentice Pinkett speaks tonight

Donald Trump's current "apprentice," the big winner from the NBC television show by that name will speak tonight at UVA. He is Randal D. Pinkett, and he's a high-tech entrepreneur who grew up in New Jersey, graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers University and was the first African-American from his alma mater to receive a Rhodes Scholarship. The 34-year-old, now holding five degrees, speaks tonight on "Black Intellectual Entrepreneurship: Bridging the Digital Divide." The event takes place at 7pm at Old Cabell Hall.–posted by Hawes Spencer


I really love reality television. It sure sounds like a fun event. And the new apprentice sure is educated!!

Well, I for one think this reality TV stuff has gone to far. I'm going back to my radio.

I can't believe people watch this nonsense. Don't you think it's all rigged? I mean, really, we all know that woman Omarosa was sent over from central casting Maybe you guys at the Hook could go to this interview and ask they guy how much he was paid to be in the pack.

yeah, anyone who can bare the steely gaze of Trump, not to mentioned the millions of eyes on him, sure must have the stuff it takes to succeed in business!