Red jacket alert!

Storm team 29 is probably delerious with the weather bureau predicting 2" of snow for this Saturday. 100 percent is about as sure as they get. And those who say we're due because we haven't *really* had winter yet can kiss my shovel.

7:23pm update: The City is announcing that the first Public Works crews charged with handling the precipitation will be on duty from 4am Saturday to 4pm. “This is likely to be one of the largest storms we will face this winter and crews are being called in to handle the early start to the storm,” City spokesman Ric Barrick said in a release.


Well, now that there are like 24 tv stations in town, inquiring minds want to know what color are the other "storm teams" jackets.

Oh, I've heard that some of the members of the various "storm teams" may not even own their own jackets. Can you say "scandal"? Where's Edward R. Murrow when you need him?

I wonder if my BMW will get stuck in the snow.