Samaritan carrying an ‘Ednam’?

You know how every Saturday the Daily Progress puts in its fluff letters– the ones saying "thanks for coming out to the bingo party," "the blood drive was quite a success," and that staple of DP Saturdays, "thanks to the samaritan for returning my wallet"? Well, today's samaritan letter was actually pretty interesting. The author, Timothy S. Mahaffey, is a CSX railroad engineer from Rockbridge County. "I was travelling through your fair city on Jan. 28," he begins. What follows is a peek not only into samaritanism but also railroading. It seems the train ahead of him up on Afton Mountain was dragging a derailed car. There was track damage at Farmington, so Mahaffey was stuck on the tracks for "hours." He and his conductor were saved from hunger by a husband-and-wife who insisted on going to the nearby Bellair Market and providing a spread for the railroading duo to eat "like kings." As for the train dragging a derailed car, that was evidently noticed by a local person.