Bill Emory makes quiet art

With the snow falling, it's easy for photogs to toss up their latest shot of the Rotunda or some sled-wielding kids frolicking amid the flakes. However, there's one blog in town that mixes word and image into what can only be called art. Today's entry is an elegiac comment mixed with an archival pic emory'sof a similar dusting. We're not saying this is necessarily great art, but obviously Mr. Emory's ability to craft a photo essay was sufficient to earn him cover treatment in the Hook last summer. You might want to check out his blog.

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I am very pleased to read Bill Emory's blog. You are right -- it is the perfect mix of words and images. And it appears that Mr. Emory posts something new every single day. Unlike some of the navel-gazing bloggers out there, Mr. Emory seems not to write a lot, unless he has something to say. We should all be thankful that there is a blogger like Bill Emory in the Charlottesville community.