Why Julian Bond skipped Coretta’s funeral

Whoda thought that UVA's noted professor Julian Bond, a longtime leader for civil rights, would skip the funeral of that icon of the movement, Coretta Scott King? But skip he did, and he has his reason. It turns out that although the late Mrs. King's own daughter, Bernice King, is a minister there, that the church rallies against gay rights, even going so far as to stage a march through the streets of Atlanta to call for a gay marriage ban. The Cavalier Daily obtained an email Bond sent explaining his decision and his belief that Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow was such a supporter of gay rights that he couldn't be a church whose pastor would conduct such a march.

Incidentally, the NAACP chairman Bond has recently been in the news for controversial remarks he made February 1 at a North Carolina college speech. On Sunday, the Daily Progress published a nice overview of the retiring professor's career.