New focus on the tumor-pedophile case

The case of the male schoolteacher treated at the University of Virginia Medical Center for tumors that seem to have turned him into a pedophile back in the year 2000 is enjoying a new round of publicity. For starters, there's an article on the tragic case in the January/February issue of Legal Affairs magazine. And today, a caller from a London-based documentary film company contacted the Hook for information. (We didn't have much.) But it's a scary story, according to a 2003 AP story because the man had a spotless record before, at age 40, suddenly finding himself addicted to child pornography and sentenced for molesting his stepdaughter. UVA neurologists Jeffrey Burns and Russell Swerdlow found that an egg-sized tumor was pressing on the man's frontal lobe. When the tumor was gone, the dastardly behavior ceased.