Publicity mounts in 12-step rape case

A story in the February 20 edition of People is the latest in a salvo of publicity in the 21-year old rape case that began at a University of Virginia fraternity house. As first publicly detailed in the Hook, the case erupted January 4 after police arrested the alleged attacker, William Beebe of Los Vegas. Last year, as part of his "12-step" recovery program, Beebe, a recovering alcoholic, had contacted Connecticut-based Liz Seccuro to apologize for the incident. In an emails between accuser and accused, Beebe confessed to raping Seccuro. Now facing life in prison, but free on $30,000 bond, Beebe is claiming his innocence. People readers get pretty much the same story the other media have reported, with the addition of glossy color photos of Seccuro, including a shot of her hugging her husband, Michael.


And the point is? She should not have a husband? She should not seek publicity to help people? Are we defending this scumbag? Come on.

Twenty years later and the same story plays over and over on the UVA campus. What lessons are we all going to learn from Liz's situation??