4th kid nabbed in alleged bomb plot

Albemarle Police arrested another 13-year-old Jack Jouett student yesterday and charged him (or her?) with two felonies in the ever-expanding alleged plan to blow up Albemarle and Western high schools. The youth joins his/her alleged co-conspirators at Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center. In addition, the 16-year-old WAHS student has racked up another felony, this one to use an explosive to destroy a schoolhouse. Authorities have yet to release any details about the alleged plan.


Unless they're still looking for more conspirators I think it's time they (the authorities) go public with some sort of details. If they *are* actually guilty of anything (provided no innocent has been injured) lets remember they are "children" which is a word that should be synonymous with "bad judgement" and then plea them out for probation and on going mental health 'therapy' until they turn 21. They are kids. They didn't kill anyone (yet- and now the odds they might just went down to zero), so why not take my suggestion (above) and give them a 2nd chance?

I also think the entire thing has been blown out of proportion. It's just a handful of immature kids acting out fantasies in their own little minds. Considering the department investigating it, and the fact I have a child still in the public school system..... I was far more concerned with the investigating department's former second in command soliciting children for sex on the Internet (charged, tried and convicted as you may recall). And the several police officers recently fired for assaulting women. And the sergeant dismissed or fired (whatever) for filing false documents in speedometer certifications. How many speeders were convicted using these false certifications at the time? /Steve