Kroboth’s sentencing postponed

It'll be nearly three months before masked assailant Kurt Kroboth learns his fate. This morning, Albemarle Circuit Court Judge William Shelton agreed to continue sentencing until May 9 to allow Kroboth time to round up character witnesses and documents in support of a lighter sentence. This is the second time Kroboth's sentencing has been postponed, and Commonwealth's Attorney Cynthia Murray argued that Kroboth's victim, his former wife, Jane Kroboth, will find no closure until the sentencing is complete. Kroboth's attorney, David Heilberg, argued that her pending civil suit against her former husband means closure will be a long time coming regardless of Kroboth's sentencing date.
Kroboth, 50, faces what could amount to a life sentence for breaking into his former home on Halloween night 2004– a week before his divorce was to be finalized– and attempting to kill his wife while wearing a latex vampire mask. Faced with an abundance of physical evidence, he pled guilty in May 2005 to attempted murder and to breaking and entering with intent to commit murder, but three months later he attempted to rescind his plea and his lawyers recused themselves.