i’d rather go swimming

Charlottesville Parks & Recreation wants to ditch the pools at McIntire, Forest Hills and Meade parks and replace them with much cheaper "spray grounds." City Council approved the re-allocation of $1.85 million in capital funds last night. The public is invited to learn why spray grounds are better for the city than pools.


If they really want to save money.... I can tell City Council one of the first places to start. They need to take a serious look at all the "take-home" gas guzzling vehicles leaving the city every night. Going to and from every surrouding county at taxpayer's expense. And all the "take-home" vehicles being used by employees to get to and from their part time off duty jobs. It's an epidemic of major proportions and nobody seems to care. /Steve

no escherichia coli, no polio, no brown trout
but most of all, no law suits

"spray pool means a pool or artificially constructed depression for use by bathers in which water is sprayed, but is not allowed to pond in the bottom of the pool" -State of Washington

So! A spray pool is an upside down shower, it is an empty pool. Just think how much fun FDR would have had taking his exercise in such a "pool"

given the amount of water that the pools leak each year, just water savings would conceivably be large

a little bird told me that they have also cut the budgets for smith and crow, the only public indoor pools. (but then he tried to eat me, so i don't know whether to trust him)

where oh where will i go?