Website dedicated to Davespeak

At some point, rock icons are recognized as much for what they say as what they sing. Think John Lennon or Bob Dylan. Of course, by the time rock stars become quotable they’re usually dead or real old. Or they’re Dave Matthews.

As if there weren’t enough fodder for Dave fans to feed on, now they can track the jam band front man’s every word. Just go to and you’ll get to read gems like, “You know what my favorite show is next to the teletubies? Next to the teletubies, my favorite show is the crocodile man. Have you seen the crocodile man?” or maybe something a little philosophical like “You know what would suck? What would suck is if you were camping and you woke up and a bear was standing over you. That would be one of the things in the world, among many–that would suck.” Believe it or not, the fan site boasts over 2600 members and claims it has the blessing of DMB’s management.


Won't you please give us Dave's postion on Darfur? Tibet? How about Iraq and Iran? These are the times that try musicians' souls.

You know what's really tragic-- that Dave's fans can't spell "Teletubbies." I thought DaveHeads were growing up and building families of their own. Dave's got twins-- I bet they know how to spell Teletubbies, or at least they can pronounce this educational program correctly. It's not "tubies" like the boob tube; it's "tubbies" for the fact that Tinky-Winky (he's the gay purple one) and his buddies have little television sets embedded in their tummies.