Robin Wynn goes tour-mad

Charlottesville-based singer-songwriter Robin Wynn has announced what has to be the most ambitious touring schedule of any locally-based musical act. In the next two months, her manager reports, she'll play 25 shows in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and Maryland.
"These are really good venues, like the Tobacco Company in Richmond," says the manager, Steve Momorella. She's supporting latest EP, The Broken Sky, which has earned some notice in the Hook and put her in the finals of a major regional song-writing contest.
Besides the exposure, Momorella says Wynn has moved up on the business side of her art. "She's starting to play gigs in the $500 to $1,000 mark, whereas a couple of months ago she was playing Atomic Burrito for $100," says Momorella. "She's really starting to make a living at it."
A free download of the latest single, "Hate How I Love You So" is available at


Just saw her at Miller's last week -- Great show. I'd heard her name around but hadn't heard her music or saw her perform. They packed in I think 6 people onto that little stage and rocked out. Good to know things are going well for them. I may try to catch them at Gravity Lounge tonight.

I saw the same show. It was great. That guitarist is really awesome. I think they play at Gravity next week not tonight, and that should be a great
show as well. It is nice to see a Cville musician taking their music seriously and playing out a lot. Maybe she's the next Dave Matthews?

I saw her with my brother up at Jammin Java in DC on New Years Day and it was great. She has a great voice and I really like her new songs. Glad to see she is doing well.

Yea Robin rocks, can't wait for the IOTA show next Saturday. Keep kickin' butt Robin!

I saw Robin on a friend's recommendation at Arlene's Grocery in NYC, and was blown away. She's definitely got the songs, and it's taken to a whole other level live. Seemed to be a buzz on 'em in NY also, b/c Arlene's was packed and tv & photogs were at the gig....looking forward to catching her again soon.

happened to catch on to this blog, glad to...robin wynn is one of the finest ladies in c'ville. i've seen her a couple times in harrisonburg, great voice and songs. something familiar about her and still really new and fresh. keep rollin' robin.

This tour is a testament to the heart, work, and soul that's behind Robin's music. It's always a treat to see her play and I can't help but be excited for those about to see her for the first time.

Go, Robin, go!

Robyn Wynn is a very promising artist- we've been waiting for a strong female artist minus the cheese and here she is. Absolutely amazing show- we can't wait to see more......

Robin Wynn (and the band) deserve to play in the top-paying venues. She truly is an amazing singer/songwriter. I've seen them play in a few places now, and have both CD's. GREAT music! I hope to see her "make it big" one day.

I saw Robin play at IOTA last summer and it was great. Beautiful voice. Congratulations Robin, keep up the good work!

Rock on. In the emortal words of Chevy Chase "A donut with no hole is a Danish". Keep plugging away.

Robin Wynn is wonderful. I can listen to both of her CDs over and over again for days at a time. Since I first saw her and the band at Gravity Lounge I've tried to share her music with as many people as possible. Talent and beautiful songs like hers need to be seen and heard! Robin Wynn is terrific live and I go to every show I can since soon enough she'll be playing at venues that are much more difficult to afford. Have a fun tour Robin Wynn! And don't miss it, people!

It was only a matter of time... to think a few years ago we could see her free at Baja Bean...

i love it :)

ill be spreading the music through romania dont worry

take care,

Looking forward to seeing Robin and the band at Iota on 3/11. We saw her open there by herself in October and absolutely loved her! Robin, Mark, etc. really deserve to make it BIG! Congratulations, Keep it up, and please continue to jam in Northern VA!!

I've been a follower of Robin's music for years. Her intellectual, heart-driven lyrics surpass anything on the airwaves today. Can't wait to see her tomorrow at IOTA in Arlington, VA. We're all looking super forward to hearing the new album!!

Love your music...Come to Asheville!

Love and miss you! You rock. Think about a Utah tour--so you can visit me. There's Moab in early summer, SLC and PC during the film festival in the winter. Peace and good vibes!