ââ?¬Ë?Pop-Upsââ?¬â?¢ popping up in Charlottesville?

For Charlottesville homeowners looking for more space, but who want to stay close to town, the chance of finding something affordable is pretty slim. Even the smallest of city bungalows are going for at least $300,000 these days. Well, what about building up instead of moving out?

“A Pop-Up is the art of taking a single story Ranch or Cape Cod home and removing the roof and constructing an entire second floor over the existing first story,” says builder James Kelly, a Charlottesville native who has been doing these kind of renovations in Northern Virginia since the early 1980s. Now he wants to bring the Pop-Up solution to Charlottesville. “I’ve found the same incentive here to build pop- ups that existed in Northern Virginia 20 years ago, with the rapidly escalating land values and sky-rocketing new home prices.” Currently, Kelly has two pop-up projects in the planning stage, one in Belmont and one on Lexington Avenue.

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Coincidentally, I am marketing a "pop-up" right now. The greatest difficulty was the market analysis. The house has significantly more square footage than other homes in the neighborhood and is the only one in close proximity to have this type of addition. Another part of town may have allowed for this home to be >$475k ... when choosing to make this kind of addition, I recommend to all of my clients that they do it for their own enjoyment and fulfillment first and foremost, while keeping market value a close second.