GOP mystery to be revealed

Today, the Charlottesville Democratic Party did as expected and nominated retired fire chief Julian Taliaferro and poverty-fighter Dave Norris for the upcoming City Council elections. Democrats, who already hold four of Council's five seats, hope to topple the lone Republican on Council, Rob Schilling, as well as a possible TBA candidate. The mystery will be revealed tomorrow during the GOP's nominating convention.
In some years, the Republicans have been unable to field as many canidates as there are seats, but the election of 2002 showed how they could use "single-shotting" their one candidate to get on Council.
In the four years since then, fiscally conservative Schilling has become a target to toppling, especially after his role in getting voters to overturn the City's long-held policy of hand-picking the School Board. The election, May 2, will be the final City Council election to be held in the springtime, thanks to a vote by City Council two years ago to move them in line with the general elections in November.

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The democrats will always rule the City of Charlottesville. Former republicans have switched party affiliation once they have reached a point in their life to run for public office.

I don't have a problem with Julian Taliaferro being on City Council. I think he will do a great job.

I simply hope it won't mean the Fire Department will be getting more gas guzzling Ford Excursions or other SUVs at taxpayer's expense. /Steve