Schilling stands alone

As it turned out, there was no mystery candidate announced at the Republican nominating convention held at the Charlottesville General District Court today–and no mystery about who was nominated. Rob Schilling was the lone Republican nominee for the upcoming City Council Election.

In his acceptance speech, Schilling once again played the ââ?¬Ë?Republican for the little guy, the unheard’ and promised to be a "voice for the people, and not an agent for the elites." He also boasted about his elected school board victory, saying "I did not stick my head in the sand, rather I stuck my neck out when the citizens of this community demanded a direct voice on educational policy." Schilling criticized other city council members for "abstaining from the debate and refusing to take a stand" on the elected school board referendum. Schilling also boasted about his attendance record, saying he was the only councilor to attend all city council meetings since he was elected in 2002. In closing, Schilling stressed the need for fiscal discipline to combat the high cost of living, and promised to be a citizen advocate for increased public safety and traffic control.


( In closing, Schilling ..... promised to be a citizen advocate for increased public safety....)

That doesn't impress me very much. There's enough money being thrown away in public safety already in my opinion.

I'm still trying to find out if the rumor is true or not that a high ranking city official recently had himself appointed or was appointed "Director of Public Safety" so as to enhance his retirement benfits. /Steve

Yes, I know how to spell.

Sorry about the typo on "benefits". /Steve

I continue to be impressed with for getting this info online so quickly. You guys are on top of it!