A new Main Street for Crozet?

“Of course, the new Main Street is several years out,” says Albemarle County spokesperson, Lee Catlin. “So we’re taking it step by step.” On Monday, the County took the first of those steps by approving a contract to buy a one-acre site in Crozet next to B&B Cleaners for $370,000

One of the high priorities of the Crozet Master Plan is building a new Main Street to run parallel to and south of the CSX track from Crozet Avenue to the Barnes Lumber property. Of course, many Crozet residents have been skeptical of these Master Plan ambitions, as well as other big development projects like Old Trail Villiage. Last week, over 1,300 Crozet residents signed a petition asking the County to keep the population of Crozet from rising above 12,000.

According to the Master Plan, a new Main Street is needed to improve traffic flow and create a more dynamic focal point for downtown. Ideally, the county hopes the Main Street project will be a public/private collaboration, with developers getting on board once the streetscape improvements are underway.


That poor gal has aged so badly over the last 10 years.

But anyhow, Albemarle County didn't technically buy anything on Monday.

The taxpayers did. /Steve

When you're dealing with the County, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Same ratio applies to Crozet's population at build-out. LOL

I can not believe the County paid $370,000 for that piece of land. Also, why would they think it would be the location of a Main Street. What is wrong with Rt 240 coming into town from both east and west? Aren't they the main thoroughfares into Crozet, which one should be Main Street. Why didn't they take the money to repave roads and build sidewalks now instead of something in the future that may take 12 years!!

The Master Plan calls for a new "Main Street" boulevard running east-west but laying south of the railroad tracks from Western Ridge to Crozet Avenue...apparently next to B&B Cleaners.