Rump roast on Downtown Mall?

Monday at noon, PETA plans to have a "nude activist" sashaying around between the Omni and the Ice Park to protest the meat industry. Let's hope Dana Littlefield– apparently no chicken when it comes to baring all– isn't just any average-grade nude activist– we're hoping for a grade-A, prime nude activist– at least 85% lean.She's going to have those little dotted butcher's lines inked all over indicating her various... er... parts: rib, haunch, shoulder, flank, rump. "Animals aren't 'breasts' or 'thighs,'" Littlefield says in a release issued today. "They think, feel, and want to live. By exposing my body, I hope to expose others to the benefits of a humane vegetarian diet." Don't be sheepish: the action starts at noon.
Headquartered in Norfolk, PETA visits many American cities with such publicity stunts.


Very poor timing. I think I shall stop by Riverside at noon and get a cheeseburger and beer. /Steve

Please align the Downtown Webcam accordingly.

Many thanks!

I'll be sure to bring my camera in to work on Monday. Sunny and 80, should be fun ;)

Adjusting the web cam..... bringing your camera to work on Monday.

You guys are bad! :)

Maybe I will stay at home and watch The Hook web cam instead of going to Riverside and getting a cheeseburger and beer after all! /Steve