Kelly D. Payne: smiling, drunk, deadly

Richmond Police say that for the second time in under five years former Albemarle resident Kelly Dinelle Payne, age 33, has killed someone with a vehicle. Her latest alleged victim was a man, an Indian immigrant, walking home from hotel work March 7 when an allegedly drunk Payne, fleeing one accident, drove up on a median.Today, WINA radio reports that Payne, 33, is a former Crozet resident who attended Western Albemarle High School– and shows her smiling mug shot.
Yesterday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch told the heart-breaking story of Payne's first victim, a 13-year old killed in Tennessee, and the girl's father's regret that Payne, released from jail in October after serving three and half years for involuntary manslaughter, didn't serve more jail time.
"We are going to prosecute this lady, quite frankly, for everything we can," the Times-Dispatch quotes a Richmond prosecutor who is seeking murder charges against the dyed-blonde woman who allegedly strolled into a restaurant half an hour after the accident and tried to order another beer.

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Kelly D. Payne is certainly responsible for the trail of carnage she has inflicted statewide. But let there be no mistake, the Criminal Justice system is just as much to blame. She should have still been in jail for the first senseless death and manslaughter conviction in May of 2002.

Maybe this time she will serve 5 years instead of 3 1/2 years. /Steve