Beth Duffy goes to the competition

Today is former NBC29 morning anchor Beth Duffy's first day in her new job– at GrayTelevision's Charlottesville Newsplex with its ABC 16, CBS 19 and Fox 27. Apparently, non-compete contracts prevent Duffy only from appearing on the air, not from going into sales.
"I'm so excited about it," says Duffy, who will get the two things she most wanted: to stay in Charlottesville and work normal hours instead of having a 2am wake-up call.


I am so glad to see that she's found work that she enjoys. She brought such viewing pleasure to me and countless others with her "Take This Job and Love It" segments. But do you think that NBC29 will deign to send a replacement anchor out to visit her at her new job? Doubt it.

This is a great hire for the new tv stations. She'll do a great job for them.

I am so happy to hear that Beth is staying in Charlottesville. I hope that she ends up back on TV and not doing sales forever. She is so good at what she does.

It's too bad Norm Sprouse did not leave. He's the reason we channel surf until the weather goes off!Beth Duffy was the only reason for watching....however, Mark O'Brien is doing a a phenominal jobl

I like Mark O'Brien a lot, but he and Crystal Cameron have absolutely no chemistry! Annie Schulz and Mark seemed to have much more spark. Morning news anchors need to sparkle, but unfortunately she does not!