Naked protestor arrives

If you hurry, you can still catch 21-year-old PETA activist, Dana Littlefield, sitting naked (well, sorta naked) on the Downtown Mall in front of the Charlottesville Ice Park. She’ll be there until 1:00pm today.

When Littlefield arrived in a bathrobe, police escorted her into the lobby of the Omni to make sure she was sufficiently covered, and then escorted her back out to the Mall”Šfollowed by a small herd of eager media. “The story here is the media,” one observer laughed.

This is the last stop on Littlefield’s 6-city tour to promote PETA’s advocacy for animal rights. Holding a sign over her naked breasts, and wearing underwear, Littlefield’s body was adorned with temporary tattoos indicating different cuts of meat. “The idea is to show people that animals are like people,” says 25-year old campaign coordinator, Chris Link, who was in charge of holding a banner over Littlefield. “They feel pain, have emotions, and we just want people to make that connection."

And connect they did. “This is crazy, man,” said bystander Jared Cole. “I don’t necessarily agree with the whole animal protesting thing, but she’s exceedingly hot.”


That is one fine slice o' meat!

Okay, so obviously the Hook has a webmaster working full-time struggling to keep up with the news. I mean, how else to explain how you could have a photo of the savory meats in question up on your website within minutes of the publicity stunt. But, hey, Mr. Webmaster, don't you have a new Hook Cafe romance zone to tend to?

Yeah, I was there...that gal had some choice cuts. I was expecting some granola crunchy hippy chick...Instead, Wyonna Ryder shows up! PETA sure has become cool and chic....still, I like my prime rib!