Director of Region Ten ousted

The board of directors of Region Ten, the area's largest government-funded mental health service provider, fired its director yesterday. According to the account in the Daily Progress, which recently revealed that the director, Philip Campbell, failed to disclose a legislative report faulting the previous system he oversaw, the board's unanimous vote to oust Campbell was based on "arrogant management."Recent high-profile actions including locating one architecurally questionable treatment facility in a neighborhood opposed to it as well as the $4 million purchase of another property have raised questions about Campbell's leadership. The most recent brouhaha involved his failure to disclose a 1997 Massachusetts report alleging mistreatment of patients in a previous program under his control.

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There is no treatment facility being placed in neighborhood opposed to it. There is an existing apartment complex of subsidised housing, not treatment, which is having an addition put on to it of 14 more one bedroom apartments. The apartments are open to anyone with a disability and low enough income, not just Region Ten clients. Again, this is not a "Treatment facility" just because it is where some people who happen to be Region Ten clients live anymore than the home of a cancer patient is a treatment facility.