Court Square Tavern catches fire

Shortly after five o'clock this morning, a Charlottesville Police officer spotted smoke billowing out the street-level window of the Court Square Tavern (go men in blue!). The Charlottesville Fire Department arrived quickly to save the day (go men in”Š.yellow?), evacuating residents above at 500 Court Square, and containing the fire before it spread upward into the 10-story building.

Tavern owner, Bill Curtis, told the Hook that he learned from fire officials that the fire was caused by an overheated power cord on his beer cooler. Apparently, electricity shot through the old cord’s insulation and caught the wall on fire. “It was going to be our 30th anniversary this July,” said Curtis of the Charlottesville landmark. “Hopefully, we’ll be open again by then.” Curtis estimates that it will take about 3 months to repair the damage.


Damn, that place was such a of the few left it town. Seems like everything is so new and flashy around here now. I sure hope they get back up and running.

been out of town for years, was that the old Hunt Room on Court Sq.???

Yup ... the Hunt Room. This repair may be the first change there since around 1974-75. That was when they broke through a wall and added on the space formerly used by the old Monticello Hotel barber shop. The barber was long gone and at the time the space was rented to a business called Education Inc.

Thank goodness for the alert night watchman and the instantaneous response by the fire department. There were no injuries and the damage was minimal.