Power drop blamed in Owensville fire

An overhead electrical wire, slammed into a tree by this morning's high winds, produced sparks that ignited the home on Owensville Road that burned to the ground and put a female occupant in critical condition, according to the County release. The Owensville Road house was served by an overhead wire from a nearby utility pole, according to the release. "The sparks blew from the tree to some exposed housing material on an exterior surface of a wall of the house, which then ignited," according to the release.Known in electrician parlance as the "service drop," the wires from pole to house are often placed underground in new subdivisions, thus reducing such hazards from trees, poles, and ladders.
This morning's blaze eventually became a brush fire on both sides of Owensville Road, snarling morning traffic after firefighters closed the road and fought the blaze. County spokesperson Lee Catlin says the injured female resident remains in critical condition at the UVA Health Sciences Center.

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Man, talk about some bum luck! Also, our electricity infastructure is so primative....wires hanging all over the place. The wind blows or a thunderstorm hits and half the streetlights in Charlottesville go out...