Irony rages in growth debate

"We're going to give them a heck of a fight," vowed one woman quoted in yesterday's Daily Progress account of an anti-growth event. Perhaps the youthful Progress reporter didn't spot the irony of quoting a Mill Creek South resident opposing development at Biscuit Run. The irony increased a few paragraphs later when the story named an outspoken Glenmore resident. Hello!? Mill Creek and Glenmore were the Biscuit Runs of their day, verdant countrysides whose subdivisions were vehemently opposed but now somehow seem appropriate as launching pads for citizen activism.
Perhaps the next Progress article on an ASAP event will ask the obvious follow-up question: "Why was it okay for you to buy into the concept of paving paradise but now it's not okay?"


Newcomers certainly have a right to speak up and protest more newcomers following them into Albemarle County. It is certainly understandable that some would want to shut the door that they just walked through, after all many new residents come here to escape congestion, sprawl and high real estate taxes. Can you blame them for being upset when they see what they fled now following them? ASAP should look at the new developments as the silver lining in the dark cloud of more people in Albemarle County because as soon as they buy a McMansion at Biscuit Run and unpack they'll join ASAP.
Kevin Cox

"Perhaps the youthful Progress reporter didn't spot the irony"?
Meeeeooow!!! Hisss!!! Let's get personal, personal! I want to get personaaaaaaal! Let me hear your bitchy talk!

Sure, it's ironic, but the Mill Creek people are the loudest opponents to this development. It'd be irresponsible for a daily paper to a) ignore them or b) editorialize about the irony.
Kind of silly to chalk it up to youth.

Yeah, they want good roads, good schools - they just don't want anyone else to share theirs.