Dreyfuss weds in Harrisonburg

Actor Richard Dreyfuss, in Harrisonburg for an appearance at James Madison University, made a surprise stop by the Rockingham County courthouse on Thursday, March 16– and it wasn't to pay a parking ticket. According to the story on the website of People magazine, the 58-year-old star wed his 46-year-old Russian girlfriend, Svetlana Erokhin, shocking at least one sheriff's deputy, Bill Spinar.
"I happened to glance at him, and said, 'You look like Richard Dreyfuss,'" Spinar tells people.com. "He said, 'I am Richard Dreyfuss.' I said, "Yeah, sure you are.' He said, "Seriously, I am Richard Dreyfuss'... and he laughed at me." According to the report, this is the third marriage for Dreyfuss, who is best known for his roles in Jaws and Mr. Holland's Opus, and who won an Oscar for his role in Goodbye Girl.


Actually, I like to think that his most remarkable role was Curt Henderson in my 1973 film called American Graffiti. But if you weren't such a big fan of that one, how about his lead role in Mr. Spielberg's 1977 UFO blockbuster, Close Encounters of the Third Kind? I love the '70s, and I love Richard Dreyfuss!


So when are we going to be able to get a complete dvd boxed set of all the "Star Wars" Movies? Enquiring minds want to know.