Peace gets a chance

Yesterday, over 100 people made their way from the Rotunda to the Free Speech Wall on the Downtown Mall to protest the war in Iraq and call for the impeachment of Bush & Cheney. The march was sponsored by The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, and was the end to a week long series of events marking the third anniversary of the war in Iraq.


How'd you get that sweet aerial photo? Well, actually I did see an aerial photo in the Daily Progress this morning, but it was too aerial-- it made us marchers look like ants. We're not ants; we're concerned citizens.

Looks like a shot from the Hook webcam to me, Sajv.

A few hundred peaceniks marching down the center of Townsville gives peace no chance. The only chance for peace will come when we all sit down and break some bread together. Peace, brother.

Breaking bread together? What's that got to do with it? The only peace will come when we get those madmen out of Washington and bring the soldiers home.

People need to hold their Democrat Representatives in Congress responsible for not vocally speaking up against the war when they should have, and when something could've reasonably been done about a war in Iraq- before it started. Representatives that instead stayed quiet out of fear of being branded "unpatriotic" if they spoke out against it.

No we shouldn't have gone to war in Iraq, but it's too late to just up and leave now unless we would like to cede Iraq to the countries of Syria and Iran.

Where were these protestors when women were beheaded in Afganistan for teaching girls to read?
Where were they when Saddam H gassed the Kurds in his own country

They only protest what is fashionable to say in safe places. No risks for these people when they get back in their SUBs and drive home.

Where are these protesters when it comes to speaking up to the victims of the racist Muslim government of Sudan?
Where are they when it comes to speaking for freedom of speech in support of Denmark against the Muslim agitators?

They are probably sitting in a coffee shop patting themselves on the back.

[reposting since it was deleted before - The Hook shouldn't have a comment space if it doesn't like free speech]

Where are these protesters while the Arab Muslim government of Sudan kills the black Muslims in Darfur?

The protesters are in a coffee shop, sipping lattes, and patting themselves on their backs.