Bloggin� Brown

Charlottesville Mayor David Brown has caught the blogging bug. On March 18 Brown launched One City Blog: Thoughts on Charlottesville Virginia. Below, you’ll find Mayor Brown’s opening entry into the blogosphere. Besides spelling blogger Waldo Jaquith's name wrong, he seems to be off to a good start.

“After being elected to council almost 2 years ago, I started to occasionally read Waldo Jacquith's After a while I realized he had another blog, which is a great place to learn some things about Virginia politics. Then I found his blog compiler, which I enjoy as a way to see what people in our city are thinking and writing.

So thanks, Waldo. If my blog seems a bit ragged, well after all I am 51.”

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I seem to recall printing out and delivering to your offices, around 1995, a guide to how not to spell my name. I'm glad that paid off. ;)