High indignation

Charlottesville School Board candidate Vance High wants the head of Electoral Board Vice Chair Joanie Schatzman, who told DP reporter Sarah Barry that she was "repelled by Vance" after a candidate's forum March 18.

He's sent out a press release and a copy of the grievance letter he sent to the State Electoral Board denouncing Schatzman's "lack of impartiality" and demanding that she retract her comment, apologize and resign.

At the end of his release, High adds, "School board elections are about students and Charlottesville has 34% dropout rate for Afro-American students. This is where public attention should be focused."

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awesome, Vance! don't mess around with disrespectful people.......
keep fighting the good fight as I know that's the only thing you're capable of. America's most livable city has an African-American drop-out rate of 34%? I didn't know until now. Who's trying to do something about this? In my community the illiteracy rate is 47% (even among adults), and it makes for a droll community. Can America's most livable city afford a 34% drop-out rate amongst a core ethnicity of her population? Probably not a good idea to sweep this under the rug, that's for sure. Go get 'em, Vance!