TV cams galore ready for Beebe

TV crews from at least five stations are currently perched around the entrance of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, awaiting the exit of William Beebe, the man accused of raping a woman 21 years ago when the two were UVA students. The subject of a January cover story in the Hook, the tale of a man who– following his 12-step program's edict to apologize to those he's "harmed"– has received nationwide attention including a story in People.
Because Virginia has no statute of limitations for felonies, Beebe could face life in prison if convicted. He's now out on bond.

4:15pm breaking news update: The hearing is over, and the charges have been certified to a grand jury. More later.


If Beebe raped her I feel for her and he should rot in hell for it. But she sure seems determined to play the victim in front of the cameras. The media are eating that shit out of her hand. If it's so traumatic, why the incessant interviews? Dateline????

Perhaps it's because she IS the victim and because as a society we tend to blame the victim. You're blaming her now for exposing the crime for what it is. I don't think she's "playing" the victim at all. I think she's trying to get the word out that this guy should not walk free after not only raping her, but telling her how guilty and horrible he supposedly feels about it. What kind of planet do we live on, and what message to we send to violent criminals when that happens? Oh, OK, you can rape someone and "apologize" for it, then you are free to live your life????? Are the media taking advantage of her? Maybe. But I truly think that if anyone has a right to speak about what happened and help to make some changes in an obvious epidemic (hello, Duke?), it should be this woman.

Luka - are you actually suggesting she has something to be ashamed of and should hide, like all good little rape victims? This is why there are very rare instances of rape victims going public. For fear of backlash from people like you.