‘The frog wet my paper’ defense fails

Third-year UVA Engineering student Steve Gilday told an Honor trial that he was innocent of cheating charges when he scanned, re-graded, and re-submitted a BIOL 301 exam Sunday, according to the Cavalier Daily. Gilday's defense for scanning a paper and resubmitting it complete with grading pen marks allegedly made to emulate the ink color and style of his TA? That the exam paper became wet and illegible after he left it out at the frog laboratory in the Gilmer Hall science building, where Gilday was employed. The Cavalier Daily notes that the manager of the frog lab, citing the facts that the lab processes 5,000 gallons of water per day and that Gilday worked at the lab during that fateful day, testified that his claim about the wet paper was "actually very likely."
While finding him not guilty of cheating, the student panel found him guilty of lying to the professor in offering his account, and he was expelled from the University.