Eastern Connector the next big thing

The budgets of the two major localities that want it (Charlottesville and Albemarle) are each now planning to spend $250,000 to $300,000 toward a proposed alignment study of the "Eastern Connector," a mega-million road that might slice through Pen Park to link Routes 29 and 250. According to Charlottesville Tomorrow, the road is an attempt to ease congestion on 250 bypass, Park Street, Rio Road, and the impending Meadowcreek Parkway– and that the engineering study, expected to begin this spring, may cost $9 million. Although the City and County plan to split the alignment study costs 50-50, because most of the terrain would be in the County, Albemarle's planning department, specifically planner Juandiego Wade, gets to head up the effort.

10:30am Update: City Councilor Kevin Lynch went out on a limb two years ago with some bold and specific proposals for solving local transportation gridlock including bravely (politicians almost never get this specific!) outlining four potential alignments for the Eastern Bypass.