16-year-old’s hearing to be open

Sentencing for at least one of the so-called teen bombers will be open, according to an official in the Commonwealth's Attorney's office who says the hearing will occur at 10:30am April 19. The hearing was to occur today, but the case was continued.
And in a a stunning move, the Daily Progress has now named the names of the two elder teens involved in the alleged conspiracy to blow up two County schools. The Hook has not yet been in contact with its on-call media ethicist to investigate the repurcussions of that one. The Progress says in a top-of-the-fold front page story today that it's identifying the miinors because they were convicted.
The Progress was able to get the family of the convicted 15-year-old to lend some family photos and warm-and-fuzzy stories about him– but still not a whiff of the digital chat-room evidence that allegedly led Judge Susan L. Whitlock to convict him.


Everyone has known who these kids are for awhile; it does seem appropriate to name them now.
Either way, impressive scoopage by the Progress, I must say.

Sounds like sour grapes to me, Hook.

You should buy your "on-call media ethicist" a mobile phone.

Just sayin'

quote: "Everyone has known who these kids are for awhile; it does seem appropriate to name them now."


I didn't know any of the them until this morning when I read the Daily Progress. After discovering who the 15-year-old is..... the heavy-handed prosecution makes sense now!

This will teach the Newsom family to challenge the County of Albemarle like they did a few years ago over the NRA t-shirt! What sweet payback Albemarle County must have enjoyed! :D

Sorry, but doesn't anyone else see the irony that Spencer's Hook has suddenly developed a case of media ethics? This from a guy whose former rag had a budget item specifically designated to settle cases when "media ethics" were contended by the disgruntled parties.

Just sayin'....