Ex-guv Warner likened to ‘Mr. Ed’

WarnerMark Warner, Virginia's popular ex-governor eyeing the White House, was allegedly treated like livestock in his recent cover photo in the New York Times magazine. "It was not the kind of national debut Mr. Warner's political supporters were looking for– particularly in the hometown paper of Hillary Clinton voters," said a March 20 front page story in the New York Observer.The Observer quotes longtime Warner spokesperson Ellen Qualls as critiqing the photograph, but it was the Observer itself that supplied the digs about Warner's alleged "ivory-tinged, domino-sized choppers" and that alleged "remblance to Mr. Ed."
The New York Times concedes that Alexi Hay, the photographer for the Times mag's March 12 cover story on "The Anti-Hillary?" shot Warner with an infrared chrome film designed for 70-millimeter movie cameras and eventually ran a clarification. Later, a Virginian-Pilot columnist chimed in about the "chiclet teeth" and "maroon smoking jacket."


If the democrats actually want to win the White House in 2008 they'd do well to line up behind former Govenor Warner. As the former Govenor of a southern and 'red state' of all the current potential candidates he's the one with the best shot of winning.

Of course if they want to give the White House to the Republicans for a potential 'nother 8 years then by all means go ahead and nominate Hillary Clinton. I liked Bill as the Chief Executive.. but I won't be voting for her.

Having been both an observer and commentator on Virginia politics, when it comes to Marky Warner, all dentistry aside, I can tell you with absolute sincerity that he is most definitely a horse's ass.

If that is your idea of political "commentary" there, CinematicCteve, I would stick to just the "observation" from now on if I were you.

Mr. Ed. Mr. Warner. And now Mr. Bill. It's true: horse's asses come in threes.