God is coming to Charlottesville!

Well, God in the movies anyway. That’s the theme of this year’s Virginia Film Festival: "Revelations: Finding God in the Movies." In a new twist, festival director Richard Herskowitz is going to solicit suggestions for films and guest artists from the public via his new blog. He will also respond to those suggestions and give festival junkies behind-the-scenes stories as things gear up for the October 26-29 event.

In addition to heady discussions about God and the state of religion in the world, gala parties, exclusive releases, and more star headliners like Vanessa Redgrave, Sandra Bullock, and Paul Schrader, the festival will also showcase some local talent. As luck would have it, Charlottesville filmmakers Paul Wagner and Kent and Brad Williamson each have new documentaries that explore religious themes. Meanwhile, Hollywood has been busy building an arc out in Crozet. Hmmm....makes ya think. Maybe he really will show up.