After unveiling, monument may be ‘Muzzled’

John Grisham has confirmed his attendance. So have George Garrett, Boyd Tinsley, and Dahlia Lithwick. Even Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, in town to shoot the sequel to Bruce Almighty, is a possbility. But there could be another special someone with an opinion of the April 20 dedication of the First Amendment monument: City gadfly Kevin Cox wants to nominate the monument for a "Muzzle" award.The Muzzles are that annual hall of shame issued by the monument's creator, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. Muzzles are handed out annually to those who restrain speech, and Cox believes the Center has joined that infamous club with its policy of encouraging erasure as a form of expression.
"Every person has the right to express himself or herself on the wall," the Center has written, "by either writing on the wall or erasing something already on the wall."
"That sounds like they're defining censorship as expression to me," says Cox, a citizen outspoken on various local issues. He created the little graphic shown here instead of crashing Thursday's celebrity-studded event.
So what happens when the Center gets Cox's nomination to slam itself with a Muzzle?
"I look forward to getting his formal nomination," says Center spokesperson Josh Wheeler. "It'll certainly be considered."


The $275,000.00 for the "monument" and the money for maintaining it are coming from private contributions not taxes. The money would be better spent on legal fees defending those who are having their right to free speech challenged by the government. Or maybe there aren't any cases that need funding.

What this means - apparently is the right to dis-respect yourself and others - the crap that goes on the walls tells a lot about a person - pornography is so unnecessary - someone trying to achieve their 15 minutes of fame - could certainly do something of a more positive nature... please do not turn this into a wall of shame...