Free speech wall open for business

The free speech wall on the east end of the Downtown Mal was officially christened today. Although the slate wall was clean when the ceremony began, the crowd had covered it with comments shortly after celebrity presenters Mayor David Brown, John Grisham, Boyd Tinsley, George Garrett, and Dahlia Lithwick (Actor Morgan Freeman had also been invited, but he didn’t show) smashed the veritable champagne bottle with theirs. And what did the celebrity presenters have to say?

Grisham: “Is the war in Iraq worth all the oil we will never get?”
Brown: “Vote May 2 for Taliaferro and Norris”
Tinsley: “Remember the troops” (correction: 5:20pm. Thanks, Austin)
Garrett: “Better him than us”
Lithwick: “Close Guantanamo”

Year-later update: Janis Jaquith edits a video of the speeches. #


What the heck is Grisham talking about? First, they complain that the War in Iraq was over oil. Then they get mad that there is no oil coming out of it. Maybe, just maybe, the war was never about oil.

You have that right - the war was never about the oil - it was about greed and power - and other BS like that...

Boyd Tinsley wrote: Remember the Troops

You betcha - do remember the troops and support them and get them home ASAP...

So what will happen to the chalkboard? Will it still be there in ten years? I think it'll be gone, or significantly altered. Any predictions?

Was that really Blake Caravati that I saw on the news drawing the "Kilroy was here" cartoon on the board?

I agree that in 10 years there will be no trace of the wall. My prediction is that Coran Capshaw decides that the wall is not bringing in enough money, so a DMB concession stand will replace the wall, along with a fountain. Anyone want to place a bet?

I can't wait to see what nifty stuff gets put on the wall this evening. Hopefully I'll get time to grab a shot or two.

I could make the wall go away real fast. I know a few things I would like to write on the wall. Mostly about city government, corruption, and how the taxpayers are getting raped as well. I will guarantee the writing wouldn't remain up there for 30 minutes. And I would probably be arrested if I tried to write it on the wall a second time. :)

The wall should have been bigger. If there was enough room I would list all the take-home cars issued to city employees now, and the mileage they drive just to and from work. While taxpayers are shelling out the money for the gas in these vehicles. Just Wednesday night I saw an unmarked city police car picking up what appeared to her children at a local elementary school about 7:30 p.m. after a school event. They think the public can't spot them in unmarked cars. They are very easy to spot now since the new 800 radio system we paid $18 million for requires a 12" chrome antenna on the rear of the top roofline.

I talk too much, don't I? :)