Do not read this food story…

...unless you have an iron gut and an ability to tune out the word "loogie" in a news report. But, yes, it's true that a Fredericksburg-area teen has been charged for the #1 fear of fast-food customers: spitting in a the drink of a citizen who had made a complaint. According to the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, 18-year-old Taco Bell employee Shaleesheya G. Ford, 18, of Stafford, is facing class 5 felony charges including adulteration of food and obstruction of justice.
In an unrelated but also food-ish story, Charlottesville-area country club Farmington is rushing to investigate itself after at least 40 diners got sick after eating at the club's Easter brunch buffet, according to a story in yesterday's Daily Progress. Food-borne illness? Or just a case of finger-pointing country-clubbers?
The Progress points out that a virus rushing through families at Ivy's Meriwether Lewis Elementary School took out a third of one fifth grade class for two days. Farmington has called in the health department to investigate itself.