Paralyzed man gets 7 years in dog death

The man who shot Ingo, the police dog, is convicted April 20 and sentenced to 7 years for malicious wounding, and another 5 for felony possession of a gun, the Progress reports.

Robert Lee Cooke shot at Ingo– his defense claimed in self-defense– while fleeing a burglary in October 2004, paralyzing the canine cop, who was later put to sleep. Officer Andy Gluba shot Cooke twice, paralyzing him.


This is one of the few times recently that the Criminal Justice System seemed to work right. He deserves to serve every day of the 7 years, although we know this will never happen of course.

Poor Ingo.

I don't know that he won't serve every second of the seven year sentence. Many people now serve their entire sentence and do not get out early. This is from the Virginia Parole Board's web page: "Inmates who committed felony offenses on or after January 1, 1995 are not eligible for discretionary or mandatory parole." An acquaintance of mine was sentenced to five years for growing marijuana. He was a non-violent and cooperative inmate and he still spent the full five years in prison.

There is justice in the sentencing. Ingo's loss was a loss for everyone. He was a great communicator and protector serving as he was trained. His life was cut short by a criminal. Sorry to see ya go Ingo. Hope there are plenty of dog bones in canine heaven. You deserve all you can chew.

I am glad to see the justice system working again in Charlottesville. Ingo's loss was a horrible tragedy. However, I don't understand how all is right in the world when a man with a criminal background stabs a volunteer firefighter to death with a concealed weapon and gets three years, but paralyzing a dog gets you 7+5...WAS...?