Ewert faces fast-growing Weed

The Democrat to go up against incumbent Virgil Goode in the 5th District Congressional race will be determined by caucus, and after Saturday, Nelson farmer Al Weed leads Ruckersville Parkway visionary Bern Ewert 25 to 5, according to a Weed release.

And that's before going into tonight's Super Monday, in which 10 jurisdictions have 113 delegates up for grabs. Albemarle's 38 will be elected at 7:30pm in Monticello High, and Charlottesville's 17 delegates will be elected at in the Buford Middle School cafeteria. Registration for wanna-be delegates starts at 6:30pm.


If he doesn't win the Democratic nomination Al Weed should run as an independant. He seems like a common sense guy.

And just imagine the political signs.. Bern Goode Weed.

But seriously... He seems like a "real person" and we could all use one of those in congress. Plus with the MZM/Abramoff scandal he might just have a chance. And when did having an idea for a road become "visionary"?

Alright I'm done. Your turn.

Don't the Dems learn from their mistakes? The 2006 outcome will be identical to the 2004 race. Unless Virgil is caught with a dead girl or a live boy, that seat is as safe as they come. Virgil isn't a wounded duck - he's a savvy politician who will continue to succcessfully paint the picture as us good ol' boys standing up to them hifalutin' know-it-alls in Charlottesville/Washington/New York/Richmond.

Maybe someday they'll give us a candidate who can win. This one has proven he can't.