34% feared for their lives– or whatever– 4/20

Albemarle County Schools released the numbers on how many students decided not to show up at school April 20, the purported date four teens were going to blow up Albemarle and Western Albemarle highs, as well as the 7th anniversary of Columbine and Adolf Hitler's 117th birthday.

Absent 4/20/06

WAHS 34%
AHS 17%
Jouett 10%

Absent 4/13/06
AHS 4%
Jouett 5%


Is this the new "Senior Skip Day?" It would be interesting to know the breakout of school years for the skippers, also whether parents sanctioned the day off.

I'm grateful my high school experience was so different; sad that it's so hard to relate to my kids' potential fears and issues with just showing up to school.

In other words, most of the 34% probably felt they had a good excuse to skip school for a day. :D

Both the Hook blog and "Marjean" make excellent points-- the whatever might simply have been an excuse to skip. Or it could have been genuine fear. Or both! Perhaps the FOIA request or whatever prompted this AlbeCo release can be resubmitted to get more of a breakdown?

And all on 4/20


Let me get this straight. A boy was convicted on nothing more than his jailhouse "confession" to wanting to kill the meanies, but there was never any detailed evidence of a plot or any seized devices. In this zero tolerance world, we have zero tolerance for fear. So shouldn't we just make 4/20 an annual school holiday? That way, no administrator will ever have to fear that something bad's gonna happen.

QUOTE >> but there was never any ..... seized devices.

Ohh, yes there was! The county police managed to get a few packs of firecrackers off the street! I feel much safer now. :D

The nerve of a father possessing firecrackers!