Schilling ousted from Council

City's Council will soon return to being an all-Democratic body. After four years in office, Rob Schilling, the lone Republican, has been defeated in today's election. Election results posted by the City of Charlottesville show that it wasn't even close.The top vote-getter, Dave Norris, took 39% of the votes, while running mate Julian Taliaferro took 37%, and Schilling garnered just 24% in the race for two positions.
Schilling had run on a "common sense" platform stressing his role as a chief promoter of the plan forcing the City to hold elections for the School Board. Schilling backers had urged voters to repeat what was seen four years ago as key to his ascent to Council: single-shot voting.
What may not have been seen, however, was the strength of the Democratic party.


It's important to honor and thank Rob Schilling for his commitment to the city and the people of Charlottesville. But I think
his mistake may have been that he assumed he'd cornered the market on fiscal responsibility. There's no reason why an all-Democratic Council can't be a fiscally responsible Council as well. Norris and Taliaferro are a great addition to City
government: positive, competent and hard-working. Congratulations to them both, and to all who worked on running a solid campaign.

Oh well, there goes the neighborhood. The Democrats have the sandbox all to themselves again. :D

A disappointment. The Council will once again have no disagreements and do whatever they feel is correct, without questioning the issue at all. It is too bad that the local voters couldn't separate the view of national Republicans from the local one. I have to get back to reading about all the gang arrests going on here in town.

"There's no reason why an all-Democratic Council can't be a fiscally responsible Council as well. "

Well, other than the fact that they have been irresponsible as hell (i.e. spending cash like sailors on leave) with tax dollars during the past decade or two (Raddison/Omni, Meadowcreek, Transit Center, Pavilion, paying off incompetent school superintendents, property taxes spiraling out of control, etc.), you're right. No reason at all.

Schilling simply isn't equipped to legislate. He played the "I'm only one vote" card ten times too often. There's no doubt in my mind most of what he was saying about pre-arranged budgets is 100% true, and it concerns me that the city's finances will be even less transparent now.

I read elsewhere that this election proves that a ward system wouldn't make any difference, because Schilling lost in all precients. Bull. It FORCES diversity becuase it requires far more candidates. No local party has a deep enough bench to field that many golden candidates. It's long overdue.